Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Casual time

 i decided to update my blog in sunday night but i dont know why my internet connection get trouble and thanks God today the internet connection can connect again ! oke guys right now get ready to see my casual look.

i think short pants, simple top, and sneakers is the best thing to use in sunday. for me sunday is family time since i'm far away with my big family (my big family live in palembang, south sumatera) and i live in jakarta with my brother but we not stay in the same place, so i go to my brother residence to meet him, his girlfriend also his cute puppy.

 this is Nino Rich my brother puppy, we took photo together and he really like it, because when taking a photo finish nino get his favourite biscuit. 

Top - New Look
Bracelet - Bali art store
Sneakers - Converse

 *thankyou so much to my brother girlfriend for help me taking this photo.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of a Kind

i called last month is busy month, holiday month, and family month since i pass the time with my mom and dad go to bali for holiday also back to my hometown to meet and hangout with my high school friends and all my family. and right now i get to 3rd semester, new campus, new classes and new friends in class (old friends don't be fear bcause i still love you guys! so much !) i hope this 3rd semester going so so well as i imagine.

okey, today update i decide to try out from feminine style and stuff. i think not bad and i like it ! what do you think ?? i hope you like it.

 and yess! welcome home to my new shoes and new bangles. i decided to buy this shoes in DecimalShoes, the result is soooo good, very comfortable to wear, the price is not too expensive and i love the design of this shoes. do you like it? don't be afraid you can also have it! just visit www.Decimalshoes.com (don't forget to try another design :) ! )  

  just can't get enough with my new spike bangles and eye bangles. MAJOR LOVE !!

 Skull top & denim shirt - Sash shop
Short pants - Forever 21
Sun glasses - Romwe
Badboy goodgirl hat - Kpop shop
Maura Pink shoes - DecimalShoes shop

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Simple but sweet

 hey guys, it's my satnite outfit before i go to Grand Indonesia (again!). the blouse looks so sweet with black jeans, and this blouse my favourite one ! i called this outfit Simple But Sweet <3

oh yah guys, today i'm going to Grand Indonesia because i wanna try the new Magnum cafe, and i decided to choose De Velvet Magnum for dessert, for me the taste of red velvet not really good, but i don't know for you, just try it at Magnum Cafe and hope you like it ! :)

Blouse - Thailand
Black Jeans - Zara
Earrings - Thailand

Monday, July 16, 2012

HEY i'm back !

yess i'm back from the full of busy days. okey now it's my outfit before i go to Grand Indonesia shopping town. oh ya i want to say thankyou so much guys for always support my blog, i love you from the bottom of my heart :)

the flower blazer is gift from my best friend, thankyou NITA !
Denim Dress - Miss Selfridge 
Flower Blazer - Gifted 
Dream catcher - Bali

Friday, June 8, 2012

Going Crazy

 I'm going crazy, Since my internet connection cannot connect for 3 days, i can't update my blog, my games in facebook, and i can't do my assignment :(

Today i'm wearing flowers shirt from le bijou shop, i love this shirt so muchhh since i'm the biggest fans of flowers shirt and this shirt is my favorite one :), for bottom i wearing short pants from Thailand, and also clutch bag from Charles&keith. 

 Flowers top - Le bijou shop
brown short pants - Thailand
Clutch bag - Charles&Keith
Vavoom heels - JuiceString
Dream catcher - Bali

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stay with me

Just can say this top so cute, love the colour, love the flower, love the brocad. and my friends say where i buy this top it's look so cute. and yes! i get this top in Yen's shop. and the pants skirt is gift from I Love Pink.

yeayyy, get this vintage bag in Thailand. looks so simple and so vintage. love it !

i buy this rings in my friend, she sell accecories import from korea, and the price not really expensive. but the online shop maybe will be open soon.

Flowers Top - Yen's shop
Pants Skirt - gift from I Love Pink
Vintage Bags - Thailand
Rings - Devina Shop
Heels - Gift from my mom

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Woman in black

yes, still stuff that i got from thailand. i don't know why but i love this dress so much. what do you think ?

Necklace - Thailand
Black polka dress - Thailand
Flower rings - Forever 21